Voltaren Emulgel® vs Pills

Selecting a tube of Voltaren Emulgel® from a medicine cabinet instead of a bottle of pills.

When pain strikes, we usually reach into the medicine cabinet for a pill. If you want effective pain relief but don’t want to take a pill, there is an alternative. Voltaren Emulgel® is a clinically proven topical anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Pain relief doesn’t just come in a pill.

Finally, an Alternative to Pills in an Innovative Gel

Only Voltaren Emulgel® contains diclofenac, a clinically proven effective anti-inflammatory medicine, in an innovative gel.

Voltaren Emulgel® has a triple effect in a medicinal gel. Its medicine is applied directly at the source of pain, it has an active ingredient for pain relief and it reduces inflammation. Analgesic pills have an active ingredient for pain relief but only some reduce inflammation.

Millions of Canadians are using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) for pain relief. The medication in pills is distributed to the site of pain through the bloodstream. The medication in Voltaren Emulgel® has a different delivery system. It works by penetrating deep through your skin to deliver medicine precisely to the source of muscle and joint pain.