Voltaren Emulgel® vs Other Topical Pain Relievers

A tall slender tube of Voltaren Emulgel® next to other blank tubes of different sizes.

Only Voltaren Emulgel® contains anti-inflammatory medicine in an innovative topical gel

Voltaren Emulgel® has diclofenac, effective medicine which is clinically proven to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Most heat patches and other pain relief creams work by irritating, cooling, or heating the surface of the skin, which only masks the pain. Voltaren Emulgel® isn’t like other topicals.

How Rubs, Creams and Gels Work: Natural Health Products including hot or cold skin irritants such as menthol or capsaicin, work at the site by masking pain. Their benefits include joint and muscle pain relief however they do not reduce inflammation. Medicinal cream with Salicylates, working as a skin irritant, relieve joint and muscle pain. Voltaren Emulgel® relieves joint and muscle pain, reduces inflammation and has an NSAID in an innovative gel.